Update Your Browser – The updateyourbrowser.net campaign

[Que tal uma versão em português deste texto?]

If you are an web developer you know how much is annoying and laboured to make cross-browser websites. The first reason to all this frustation is the quantity of users still using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6, an old and very outdated web browser, with security issues and none of the new web development standards.


My idea was get all this users to update their browsers at least to the Internet Explorer 7 version. Of course I’m not interested in defend any of these browsers, I just want a better develop enviroment to us all.

Inspired by the savethedevelopers.org work, I created the update your browser website. It provides an piece of a JavaScript code that you put on your website’s HEAD and warn all your users when they are using outdated browsers like the Internet Explorer 6.

I’m so grateful for all the world developers support on this little movement.

[update fev/2013] Opera issues were fixed.

Link to the english version of Update Your Browser: http://www.updateyourbrowser.net/en/